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Be authentically you. 

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Welcome to Infinity Minds Mental Health Centre! My name is Ruth-anne and I'm a AuDHD Registered Counselling Therapist - Candidate. 

As a Pluralistic NeuroAnarchistic Therapist, I centre my work from an identity-affirming trauma informed position, viewing my clients as autonomous beings with their own choices, motivations and ways of being that drive who they wish to be. Although we share the human experience - each of us is unique. This means that what we explore together is directed by your desires for yourself, informed and affected by all that you are and will be. You know yourself best, and I'm here to provide support, knowledge, skill, guidance, and a safe non-judgemental space to explore expand and shift from a positive and strength-based foundation. 

As a late-discovered Autistic person, I recognize the importance of identity and its development throughout the lifespan, especially intersecting identities that define our individual and collective lives, and how others see and treat us. Mental Health is so much more than self-care and individual perspective, it is also deeply affected by systemic discrimination based on ableism, racism, gendered norms, privilege and oppression in all its varieties. This is why my work always involves a focus on social justice and affecting change within the individual client, but also in the society in which they reside.  

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Ruth-anne Donellsen MEd, RCT-C

Hi! Welcome to Infinity Minds Mental Health

Ruth-anne integrates lived experiences of self and others with educational insights, employing relevant evidence-based methods to form the core of my practice. Committed to client-driven, strength-based therapy, I collaborate closely to customize approaches that transcend traditional talk-therapy, and can incorporate a more pragmatic focus.

My inclusive approach caters to adults navigating diverse intersections of identity, encompassing culture, religiosity, gender, communication, disability, and socioeconomic factors. Operating from a non-judgmental, anti-ableist, neurodiversity, and gender-affirming stance.   
provide a trauma-informed, safe, and supportive environment. Sessions with me offer a diverse range of techniques, adapting to your preferences, limitations, and needs. This may include in-office or virtual therapy, text messaging, movement therapy, creative arts, skill development, advocacy, boundary work, coaching, and more.

Prioritizing accessibility, I encourage the use of alternative communication forms for those with varied use and access to speech. Any suggestions to enhance our time together are encouraged. I offer single-session, short-term and long-term counselling depending on need, topics addressed, and resources. Local house calls may be possible.

Currently Accepting New Clients 19+ in Nova Scotia.

Ruth-anne is located in the Annapolis Valley. Sessions are offered via virtual tele-health for those in Nova Scotia (clients in other locations across Canada, please contact me).  In-home sessions (house calls at your location) may be possible depending on location and other factors - contact me for more information about this option.

Fees & Services


50 min sessions


80 min sessions

$130/hr and up

Consultations with Parent or Professional

I offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly appointments. I offer both short-term and long-term counselling - so whether you have something you wish to share with someone in a one-and-done appointment, or whether you're looking for someone to debrief with regularly that you can develop a trusting relationship with and see over the longterm. My sessions are 30, 60, and 90 minutes long typically. Have a special request? - Please don't hesitate to ask - if I can accommodate, I will. 

I offer both in-person and virtual sessions. Virtual sessions are offered using an approved and compliant video, audio, text platform. 

I strongly encourage all clients to specify as clearly as possible in their intake form all of their environmental, physical, and emotional needs/requests within the counselling environment that would make the experience a better one. I am happy to make adjustments, as possible, to ensure you can get the most benefit from our time together.

As a RCT Candidate, Ruth-anne is under the supervision of Brenda Johnson MEd, RCT, CCC, MTA

For more info or to book a session:

Important Links

NSCCT has requested that all Registered Counselling Therapists add the following informational links to their website following the recommendations of the Mass Casualties Commission in order to empower clients.

Please contact the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT) for more information:

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